Mon 22 Mar 2021 20:36


Car sharing & getting to matches/training and car parking

Whilst we are waiting for further guidance we would urge you to think about social distancing and consider not car sharing with someone from outside your household or your support bubble to reduce the risk of transmission.


Sidford Car park

We ask that if you are playing at 09:30 that you park in the lower carpark, behind the club house. This will allow the people starting at 11:15 to park in a separate area, allowing people time to leave and arrive at rugby safely.

Those who live a short bike ride or walk from Sidford should be encouraged not to bring their vehicle, this will be especially important when we start to play matches as more vehicle will be expected due to this guidance.


Changing Rooms

We can open the changing room and facilities. However we will only permit 2 people per toilet and the changing rooms will be restricted on numbers to allow 2 meters distance.

What we need to put in place for these areas to be used is a rota for monitoring and cleaning. This will be up to the Junior Committee to formulate. So for the re-start the facilities will remain shut.


Test and Trace

The RFU nationally agreed position with government (as part of approval for return to Stage E on the Return to Rugby Roadmap) is that, should there be a positive test from a player/coach/referee, there is no routine need for other players/coaches and referees on the field of play to self-isolate as long as there has been no deviation from Stage E protocols and that all other relevant protocols on changing, travel etc have been followed

 However, local public health officials do have the powers to insist on self-isolation based on the context at that time in the local community. This is the same in Rugby as for other sports and the same for sport as in other aspects of community life – e.g. pubs (where open), schools etc.


Sidmouth RFC already have self-screening in place.

Each player is expected to self-assess and complete the Pro-active Checker prior to play.

 Added to this, for stage E, there is also strict guidance on the handling of positive cases.

 If there is a positive result in your household or support bubble please can you contact Emma Bagwell on 07866 516744.

Emma will need to risk assess against the criteria to assess if the team is required to self-isolate. Emma will also be required to inform the local Health Protection Team and the RFU.



Stage D1&D2 Guidance key points are set out below.


  1. Coach to Player ratio

U7 1:6

U8 1:8

U9-U18 1:10

  1. Non- contact skills and game play training
  2. Touch, Ready for Rugby, tag, adapted contact training of no more than a 20 minute sessions. After the session each player must sanitise.
  3. During the session avoid face to face exposure for more than 3 seconds and more than 15 exposure of less than 1 metre with another player.
  4. Sanitise every 15 minutes
  5. Equipment –

Tackle bags, shield bags  should be cleaned after each individual player use – you can use your spray.

Balls should be cleaned in soapy water every 15 minutes

Bibs, tag belts – if we have enough suggest giving each individual player this item with the expectation of it being cleaned after play. Tags should be cleaned in a bucket of soapy water or spray every 15 minutes.

  1. Player should refrain from touching their mouth guards; if they do they must immediately sanitise their hands.
  2. Wearing of Gloves – as it gets colder, some of our younger players may want to wear gloves; this is not permitted unless they have enough pairs to change every 15 minutes.
  3. No Scrums
  4. No Mauls



As parents and volunteers you can appreciate that our coaches have a lot to think about and plan. I am sure that each of the coaches will appreciate any help you can offer them. A few helpful suggestions maybe someone to time the play to ensure hand sanitising, help cleaning the equipment and balls as required and ensuring the personal hygiene of your child before they turn up to play rugby. Please speak to your coaches and co-ordinators about any help you can offer. If we all work together the impact will be less should we have a positive result amongst our players/coaches etc…


The full guidance is available on the RFU website, but we hope that you have found this summary useful. There are some really supportive aspects, especially the continuation of age grade rugby throughout the tiers. BUT we must ensure we follow the guidance in full to avoid self-isolation if we happen to have players, coaches, volunteers and refs who test positive.

Key Dates for returning to rugby April 2021