Code of Conduct

Club Discipline Policy Click here to download

Player Discipline Policy Click here to download


The Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators

Act as a positive role model to all players

Do not abuse players, coaches or referees

Respect decisions made by the match officials even if they appear to make a mistake;  encourage the players to do likewise

Teach your child that winning is not everything

Encourage and applaud good play by both teams

Give encouragement to all players irrespective of their ability

Provide positive feedback to your child both in training and matches

Focus on the players’ efforts rather than winning or losing

Encourage players to improve their skills through practice

Take an active part in Sidmouth RFC Limited’s activities

Remember young people learn much by example

Do not encourage underage drinking

Encourage your child to play – do not force them

Parents are asked not to consume alcohol on coaches taking children on tour and to and from matches. 

Should you have an issue concern or query with any aspect of the club or your child’s specific age group, please firstly raise it with the relevant Head Coach.   If it is not resolved then please raise it with either the Director of the Junior Section – Jed Stone or the Director of Club Safeguarding and Welfare – Kerin Hamill.  Both contact details are on the web site.

Should you have a complaint about the Club it should be made in writing to Mark Seward, Chairman of the Club.  The Club’s Complaints Procedure is available on the website.


 Sidmouth Rugby Football Club Ltd. 

Complaints Procedure

Should Sidmouth Rugby Ltd receive any complaints, they should be made directly to the Chairman of the Board in writing.   The Chairman will pass on the complaint to the Director who deals with the area in which the complaint is made.

Any complaint against a member of the club will receive a full investigation involving those accused and any action should be taken within a 28 day timescale where possible.   The Complainant will be kept updated of decisions and actions and the outcome will be available to both parties.

Any complaint against a service which the Club offers will receive a full investigation and action should be taken with a 28 day timescale.

Any complaints will be kept in strictest confidence and dealt with on a ‘need to know’ basis outside of the Board.

In dealing with each complaint the following shall be recorded:

The process used to ensure that the complaint is fully investigated, and will include a record of interviews

Who is involved in the investigation?

Any referrals needed to be made to external agencies:  RFU, local authority environmental health departments or social services

Any actions identified by us

Any action taken by external agencies (subject to satisfying confidentiality required)

The outcome of the investigation, identifying any areas where improvements could be made to the Club

Where a person has been dismissed following an allegation of abuse, they may need to be referred for inclusion into the Protection of Children Act list.