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These rules of the Club are made pursuant to the Club’s Articles of Association. The
terms used shall have the same meaning as in the Articles of Association. Where there
is any inconsistency between these Rules and the Articles of Association, the
provisions of the Articles of Association shall prevail.

  1. Membership
    The Club consists of both Voting Members and Non-Voting Members.
  2. Voting Members
    The Voting Members shall be:
    (i) all members and patrons who are over 18 and whom have paid such
    membership fee as shall be payable in each year including all family
    members who have attained the age of 18 years.
    (ii) Individuals who have been elected as Life Members of the Club.
    (iii) President
  3. Non-Voting Members
    The Non-Voting Members shall be:
    People who participate in playing rugby union (whether competitively or not) for
    or at the Club and who are under the age of 18 and who are admitted to the Club
    by the Board upon application in accordance with the Articles (“Junior
  4. Life Members
    The Board shall have power to confer Life Membership on any member who has
    given exceptional service and loyalty to the Club.
  5. Rights and Privileges of members
    5.1 Voting Members are entitled (under the Articles of Association) to receive
    notice of, attend and vote at general meetings of the Club; propose and second
    candidates for election; receive all Club publications; and to such other
    membership rights as the Club in general meeting shall from time to time
    5.2 Non-Voting Members are entitled to receive all Club publications and such
    other membership rights as the Club in general meeting shall from time to time
    determine. They are not entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at
    general meetings of the Club or propose and second candidates for election.
    5.3 All members may use all the club facilities either when open for the enjoyment
    of the members or at other times by agreement with the Board.
  6. Subscriptions
    (a) The annual subscription payable by members of the Club, subject to
    alteration as provided later in this rule, shall be set by the Board from
    time to time in accordance with the Articles.
    (b) The subscription year shall be from 1st August in each year. Any
    change in subscription will be made by the Board on or before the 15th
    May in each year which will be notified to members by being included
    in any notice, newsletter, or similar document posted to the member by
    being addressed to him at his last known address, or by posting this
    information prominently on the Website.
    (c) Members admitted at any time during the year shall pay the full annual
    subscription or at the direction of the Board.
    (d) The President and Life Members are not required to pay an Annual
    Membership fee in accordance with Article 30.3 of the Articles.
    (e) In the event that a member’s membership is terminated for any reason, no
    refund of a subscription shall be payable unless the Board decides otherwise.
  7. Expulsion of Members
    The Board has power under the Articles to expel a member in accordance with
    Article 31.
  8. Rules concerning provision of alcohol on the Club Premises
    8.1 Purchase for the Club and supply by the Club of intoxicating liquor must be in
    the absolute discretion of a Committee appointed by the Board of not less than
    four Members being Members over the age of 18.
    8.2 If any member of the Committee for any reason ceases to be a Member, he
    automatically ceases to be a member of the Committee, and another Member
    must be appointed by the Board in his place.
    8.3 The Committee must not in any way be restricted in freedom of purchase.
  9. Commission
    9.1 No one may at any time receive at the expense of the Club or any Member any
    commission, percentage or similar payment on or with reference to purchases
    of intoxicating liquor by the Club.
    9.2 No one may directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply
    of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to Members or guests apart
    from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole and apart also from any
    benefit which a person derives indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to
    or contributing to a general gain from the carrying on of the Club.
  10. Permitted hours
    The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor and provision of
    regulated entertainment shall be as permitted by the Premises Certificate.
  11. Dress Code
    The dress code for functions at the Club shall be informal.
  12. Use of Clubhouse
    Members may use the Clubhouse for any lawful purpose.
  13. Interpretation of the Rules
    The interpretation of the rules shall be the prerogative of the Board.



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